• Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan's statement on UCP's COVID-19 Economic Recovery

    Posted by · June 30, 2020 12:27 PM

    Our future needs a *real* plan. 🌎

    On June 29th, Jason Kenney revealed his plan for economic recovery. It won't surprise you to hear there was little to celebrate. 

    The UCP plan:

    • makes no mention of green jobs, renewable energy or economic growth through education
    • pretends Alberta was already enjoying a rebound in oil prices and strong economic growth forecasts pre-COVID-19 (hint: we weren't)
    • relies on accelerated corporate tax cuts
    • boasts of “historic” infrastructure investment – most of which was already in the 2020-21 budget


    This is a missed opportunity. 

    It is time to invest in a long-term strategy to transform our economy.

    The Alberta Liberal plan includes:

    • job-creating investments in renewables and green energy
    • effective supports for the tech, tourism and film industries, not just “sector-specific strategies to be announced later” platitudes
    • historic investments in education and job training 
    • universal child care to help women get back in the workforce 
    • a pro-growth sales tax and reduction of personal income taxes
    • a universal basic income to provide dignity and hope for all 


    Alberta doesn't need to settle for a sluggish recovery that leaves us no better off than we were before. We need strategic investments in the foundation of a new, stronger, more resilient and sustainable economy. 

    For more information on our vision, please check out our 2019 Election Platform and 2020 Shadow Throne Speech. To support our vision, please make a donation here.

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    On June 6th at 1 pm, join David Khan and Devon Hargreaves in celebrating with Taber Pride and raising the flag online.

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