New Canadians

New Canadians


New Canadians are vital to Alberta. Immigrants help us unlock our economic potential and the diversity they create enriches the multicultural fabric of our nation. The Alberta Liberal plan will help new Canadians settle into their life as Albertans and unlock their economic potential. 

Upgrading Foreign Credentials

Alberta attracts some of the most talented and educated immigrants in the world. Yet too often these new Canadians are not working in their field of expertise. This wastes their potential and hurts our economy. That is why we the Alberta Liberals will work with professional organization and immigrants communities to make it easier for new Canadians to upgrade their foreign credentials to Alberta standards. 

Settlement Funding

The Alberta Liberals will provide an increase to settlement funding. Helping new Canadians settle in our province makes good economic sense. Settlement programs will help them integrate and become productive, tax-paying members of the

English as a Second Language

Language is often the most significant barrier for new Canadians. We will address this by increasing funding for ESL education and establishing a telephone service that allows new Canadians to speak to government agents with the help of a translator.

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