Ali Bin Zahid Asks NDP to Come Clean on Fiscal Plan

Calgary, AB (August 12th, 2015):

Ali Bin Zahid, the Alberta Liberal Candidate in the upcoming Calgary-Foothills by-election, is urging the NDP to present their fiscal plans in light of the latest drop in oil prices.

“The price of oil has reached its lowest point in six years, there is clearly going to be a reduction in provincial revenues,” said Zahid. “The NDP will have to raise taxes, make significant cuts, or add to the provincial debt. The question is which it is?”  Fotolia_44510171_S.jpg

Recent economic uncertainty in China and other jurisdictions has sent already depressed oil prices even lower, throwing off already vague spending plans by the NDP.  The NDP has already borrowed $6 Billion through an order-in-council with no legislative oversight, and no plan to repay that debt, and Bin Zahid says the government cannot keep avoiding tough questions in Calgary-Foothills.

“This drop in prices affects the people of Calgary-Foothills,” said Zahid. “People are worried about potential cuts to programs they rely on, they are worried about the fiscal future of the province, and they are afraid of further job losses, I am asking Bob Hawkesworth to come clean and tell the voters of Foothills what the NDP plan is.”

Alberta Liberals are proud to run someone who demands accountability from Bob Hawkesworth and the NDP government.  

“The bottom line is we need an MLA who will put Foothills first, not the NDP government first,” said Zahid.

For more information please contact:

Gwyneth Midgley, Campaign Manager
403 975 4777

Ali Bin Zahid, Alberta Liberal Candidate for Calgary-Foothills



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