NDP Should Pursue Legal Action on Polluter


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says the government should pursue all legal option to force Domtar Corp. to clean up pollution it left at the former wood preserving plant in Calgary.

“This is a basic question of enforcing a polluter pay model,” says Swann. “Companies need to be aware that they are responsible for the costs of environmental damage done as part of their business.”

Swann conceded that there is some dispute as to whether the province is able to pursue legal action against Domtar because the company does not have a presence in Alberta. However, he emphasized that several legal experts have said the province still has the authority to act.

“Clearly there are some mixed legal opinions about the government’s options but the province has a duty to exhaust all potential options here,” says Swann. “It is the government’s responsibility to hold companies that pollute responsible for their actions.”

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