Municipal Affairs - Platform Preview

Empowering Municipal Governments

Local Governments matter. That’s why the Alberta Liberals have an ambitious plan to give local municipalities more autonomy and power, including:

  • Amending the Municipal Government Act to formally recognize municipalities and their councils as an order of government within their jurisdiction, and include new sections that spell out principles of municipal governance and municipal-provincial relations.
  • Pressing for the formal recognition of municipalities and their councils as an order of government in Canada’s Constitution Act, 1982, beyond them merely being the responsibility of the provinces.
  • Granting Calgary and Edmonton new revenue generating powers, subject to limitations.

Urban Drilling Veto Powers

We will grant Alberta cities control over oil and gas drilling within their own municipal boundaries by allowing them to veto, approve or approve with conditions any drilling authorized by the Alberta Energy Regulator. This will give cities a greater ability to plan for growth and development, and protect their citizens.

Rural Mental Health Support

We will introduce a dedicated crisis response line and expanded mental health resources to specifically address the unique challenges of farm and rural life. Mental health is underfunded across the province, but this is particularly true for rural municipalities. We will ensure the mental health needs of rural Albertans are met.

Rural Internet

Alberta Liberals will work with the Federal Government to provide rural data utility internet services directly to rural homes and businesses using the electric grid. This will allow rural communities to participate in the booming information economy and diversify their workforce.

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