Elect David Khan for Calgary-Lougheed


The focus should always be on the future of the hard-working people of this community, city and province: being responsible with our spending; taking care of our environment; and continuing our social progress. Moving us ALL forward by promoting equality of opportunity and prosperity with every decision that we make.


We need smart solutions. We need an intelligent, effective, trustworthy advocate for Calgary-Lougheed. We can’t sit idly by watching the current government play fast and loose with our taxes. Together we can make a difference and create a province that business wants to invest in and people want to live in. 



“I was born and raised in Calgary. My Dad, Ash, is from Pakistan and worked in the Oil & Gas sector, and my Mom, Derry, is from West Vancouver and had a career as an accountant. 

I spent my summers during university working on pipelines and doing oil & gas seismic work. As a litigation lawyer, I have presented cases before the Supreme Court of Canada. 

I’m the Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party and running to represent Calgary-Lougheed to make my city and province a better place for everyone, including my niece.” 

                                                      - David Khan, Alberta Liberal Leader  

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Alberta’s economy has been mismanaged. Young people need a future with stable employment. Supporting the oil and gas industry while diversifying our economy to boost jobs has to be a priority. We need to attract international investment to this province, not drive it away with uncertainty and red tape. And we want to eliminate the small business tax to support entrepreneurs, the lifeblood of the necessary diversification of our economy.


Our public services are vital to Alberta’s future. We can improve education and our economy by boosting program funding for pre-schoolers, new Albertans, post-secondary students and adults looking to retrain.

Alberta’s health care costs are the second highest in Canada per patient. We need to spend more wisely, not spend more dollars. There must be a focus on prevention, including mental health supports, so that health care services are not needlessly overwhelmed.


Albertans value fairness. They want elections that reflect the will of the people, and they want to be fair to future generations. That’s why I’m committed to democratic reform and closing the gaping holes in our election finance laws, combating climate change, investing in infrastructure, and tackling the debt. 




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You can contact the campaign office by phoning (587)353-5426 or visiting us in person at 12100 Macleod Trail S. in Avendia Place by the Tim Horton's, off Lake Fraser Drive between the hours of 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. 

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