Liberals Announce Largest Investment in Skills Training and Post Secondary Education in Alberta's History

Edmonton, AB (April 30, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann announces the most significant post-secondary investment in Alberta history: a quarter of a billion dollars for skills training and post-secondary education.

"During an economic downturn there is no better time to invest in education," says Swann. "Community-based organizations, the public sector and companies need skilled workers, and now is the perfect time to get Albertans the skills and education they need to participate in the economy today and when the energy sector rebounds." 

The Liberal plan will more than restore the 2013 Lukaszuk cuts, resulting in new hires, reduced tuition, more grants and bursaries, and more student jobs.

"This historic investment will reduce tuition and increase grants and bursaries to ensure Alberta students don't graduate with a debt sentence," says Swann. "This plan reinstates and more than doubles the funding for STEP (Summer Temporary Employment Program), invests in community-based organizations, and helps students get that all-important first job." 

  • $150 million. HIRE MORE instructors, professors, researchers, graduate students and support staff for Alberta's technical    institutions, colleges and universities to prepare our society for the future.
  • $50 million. REDUCE TUITION AND FEES. Reduce cost of education to students and families.
  • $35 million. MORE GRANTS AND BURSARIES. Reduce cost of education and alleviate student debt.
  • $15 million. Student employment (STEP). Help students obtain all-important first jobs AND help community based organizations. 


Brendon Legault

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