Liberal Leader David Khan releases Statement on GSA Ruling

Alberta Liberal Leader has issued the following release on the GSA court ruling.

Khan stated, “This ruling is a milestone for Alberta LGBTQ2S+ youth and their supporters.     

“GSAs improve and can save the lives of vulnerable youth. These peer support groups must be a safe place. Allowing children to be outed for joining a GSA compromises that safety. It would be recklessly irresponsible to put these children at risk.

“Parents are still free to teach their children whatever values they choose. GSAs do not threaten that. But, allowing youth to be outed for voluntarily joining one could threaten their well being; LGBTQ2S+ youth must feel that school is a safe place for them and that they can come out to their friends and family. They should be free to chose how and when.

“It is reassuring that a court of law has recognized and upheld the value of these peer support groups, after evaluating the facts. This ruling is free of political influence and partisanship.

“Alberta Liberals were the first political party to bring forward the issue of GSAs in the fall of 2014. Introducing that legislation eventually led to making GSAs mandatory in schools where students requested them.

“We continue to support GSAs and the students who wish to join them. Alberta is an inclusive society.”

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