Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces Alberta Liberal Justice Policy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Crime and Justice Policy.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals have bold solutions for rising crime and justice system problems. We will put more cops on the street. We will address the root causes of crime - poverty and mental health. We will reduce court wait times and push through family law reforms.

“We will invest $10 million in hiring new police officers. We will create a $100 refundable tax credit for home security. We will provide increased support for neighbourhood watch groups.

“We will strengthen our social safety net to make our streets are safer. More resources will be invested in mental health, addictions and poverty reduction policies. We will expand the use of Mental Health and Drug Courts with counselling services so offenders get more help. We want to stop the reoffending cycle.

“The NDP Government ignored many problems in our justice system. The Minister of Justice made few improvements. Crime and the courts were not a priority for Kathleen Ganley. Alberta Liberals are taking a different approach. We will Walk the Talk on these issues so important to Albertans.

“Alberta Liberals will make our courts work better. We will launch two task forces on family law reforms and reducing court wait times.

“Our Family Law Task Force will examine creating an informal family case management system. We will set the date of separation for the division of property. Our Court Wait Times Task Force will review standardizing case management procedures. This includes more alternative dispute resolution, and hiring more clerks, Masters and Provincial Court Judges.

“Alberta Liberal Justice priorities will also end police carding and improve child custody enforcement. We will separate the offices of Attorney General and Justice Minister. We will address operational problems in Medical Examiners offices.

“Crime costs all Albertans. We all pay the price financially and emotionally. Alberta Liberals will build a safer and more just Alberta.”

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