Leah McRorie Edmonton-West Henday


Leah is a long time resident of Edmonton-West Henday. She knows that the people of Edmonton-West Henday are hard-working and compassionate people. They want an MLA that will work to create jobs, improve services and address crime. Leah will fight for better access to day care and better care for seniors.

Leah has been a Volunteer Board Member for Parent Councils, Edmonton Regional Coalition for inclusive education and the Gateway Association. She has volunteered in your community coaching an elementary dance team for several years. 

Leah believes in an Alberta that recognizes we need to do better at including people. Leah believes loneliness leads to poor mental health and often early death. Disabled people are the last marginalized group to be repatriated Leah a long time volunteer in Edmonton, supporting disabled people and families through multiple government systems that impact their lives. 


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 780-652-2302 


For media inquiries please contact: 403-612-8796.

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