Labour - Platform Preview


Alberta Liberals believe in fairness for workers. Albertans work hard and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and to be adequately compensated. We will work hard to strike a balance between the needs and workers and businesses to ensure all Albertans prosper.

Consult on Employment Standards and Labour Laws

The recent changes to Alberta’s labour laws were rushed and done without proper consultation. We would undertake a proper and thorough stakeholder consultation to update the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code.

Timely Payments for Workers

The Alberta Liberals support shortening the 10-day pay-delay period to five days. This will ensure employers pay employees the wages they’ve earned in a timely fashion.

Farm Workers’ Rights

Alberta Liberals will uphold the recently-gained and hard-fought inclusion of waged, non-family employees of farms and ranches under Alberta’s occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation legislation.  

Minimum Wage

Alberta Liberals will not roll back the $15/hour minimum wage. We support the concept of a living wage and believe the minimum wage helps to achieve that goal.

Ban “Tip Skimming”

We will ban the practice of “tip skimming” by restaurant management.

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