Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan comments on the vote by the PC and WRP membership to form the United Conservative Party.

"Conservatives have a new party with a new name, but it’s the same tired and corrupt PCs that Alberta voters kicked out of Government," Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan said.

"The “United Right” is trying to put new tread on an old tire that went flat in the last election," David Khan stated. "It still won't gain any traction with Albertans.”

The Alberta Liberal Party is the moderate, progressive choice that represents the real values of today's Albertans.

"Our party puts people first. Under my leadership, Liberals have a new vision for a new Alberta. In a shifting political landscape, many voters are still kicking the tires. They are realizing we are a better option than the fiscally undisciplined NDP or the socially conservative UCP.”

David Khan also has a message for those on the “no” side of the weekend UCP vote.

"You are welcome to join me and the Alberta Liberals."

“I know some of you are disappointed and feel displaced. We are the moderate and progressive alternative to the retread “United Right.”

We stand for freedom of the individual, equal opportunity, and fairness for future generations. If you share these values come to the Liberal Party.”

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