Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan calls out NDP mismanagement of PPAs in wake of Sundance Cancellations.

The Balancing Pool’s recent notice that it intends to terminate several Power Purchase Arrangements (PPAs) is the latest consequence of the NDP government’s mismanagement of the Climate Leadership Plan, says Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan.

“The NDP’s failure to conduct due diligence before changing the law ended up saddling the Balancing Pool – and therefore Albertans – with hundreds of millions of dollars of debt,” says Khan. “We are paying through the nose for their impulse to leap before they look, and can expect to continue doing so for years to come.”


Last week, the Balancing Pool issued a statement announcing that it had begun the consultation process towards terminating the Sundance A, B, and C PPAs currently owned by TransAlta Corp. Internal documents show that the move is to prevent approximately $500 million in further losses to consumers.

Khan further took aim at the NDP government’s decision to take legal action against PPA owners such as Enmax, noting that the Balancing Pool could have saved up to an additional $336 million if it were not waiting for the lawsuit’s conclusion.

“Rather than searching for a reasonable solution to the issue they themselves had created, this government went on the attack. Not only did this end up costing Albertans even more money than they would have otherwise paid, it produced an antagonistic relationship with the very utility companies with which it hopes to partner in the shift to renewable energy.

“This ongoing battle with power producers costs us hundreds of millions of dollars and helps nobody,” Khan concluded. “I urge the government to take responsibility for their mistakes and move forward on solutions that benefit Albertans.”

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