Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan renews call for strict regulation of PACs in response to the release of Kenney’s Leadership financial statements.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan is renewing his call for strict regulation of Political Action Committees (PACs) in response to news that Jason Kenney spent $1.5 million to become Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party.

“Nowhere in Mr. Kenney’s legally-mandated financial statements does it mention the $508,000 raised by Unite Alberta in the unregulated period before the PC race started,” says Khan. “Mr. Kenney’s team released a list of just 74 of the PAC’s self-reported 2,129 donors, leaving too many unanswered questions. There is a gaping hole in this government’s election finance reform that has made it far too easy to raise enormous sums of money from anonymous donors before a campaign actually starts.

“Last month, I proposed strict regulations on PACs, including the banning of corporate and union donations to PACs, setting donation limits, and making donations to PACs above $250 and PAC expenditures transparent to the public. The NDP government has refused to act.

“The secrecy surrounding Unite Alberta and the huge sums of money involved in this campaign are deeply troublesome,” Khan concluded. “This government needs to act decisively to reduce the impact of big money on our politics so that Albertans can be confident that our democracy cannot be bought and sold.”

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