Kenney’s cure is worse than the disease

The NDP’s fiscal policy is bad for Alberta. They're depleting our contingency fund, facing downgraded credit ratings and burdening future generations with debt repayment and servicing fees.

But Jason Kenney’s proposed 20% cut to the public budget is not the answer! It isn’t just reckless, it’s ridiculous.

Harsh austerity on this scale only invites economic shock, infrastructure deficits and a reduction in services that Albertans, especially the most vulnerable, depend on.

We don’t need to choose between the NDP’s ballooning debt or Kenney’s slash-and-burn. There are better ways to tackle this problem.

  • Reduce spending growth to match inflation plus population growth.

  • Explore progressive revenue sources that don’t negatively impact our economy.

  • Find efficiencies and savings in our healthcare system.

  • Make smart investments that reduce long-term costs such as investments in home care, affordable housing, and mental healthcare. 

Albertans aren’t stuck between a rock and a hard place. There IS a third choice and that choice is Liberal.


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