Justice - Platform Preview


Alberta’s justice system is overburdened and failing to deal with the root causes of crime. Criminals are being released without being convicted because mandatory timelines for trials cannot be met. We have a plan to fix this that focuses on creating an efficient and fair system that address the root causes of crime.

Crime Reduction Strategy

Albertans deserve to be safe. Alberta’s economic hardships have come with a rise in crime rates. We want to tackle crime in a way that puts results first. That means addressing root causes and investing in crime prevention. We will announce a crime reduction strategy that keeps Albertans safe. 

Reducing Court Wait Times

Justice delayed is justice denied. Court wait times in Alberta must be reduced. With the law now requiring absolute limits on wait times for trials, charges are being stayed and criminals are being released to the street without trial because of court delays. Alberta Liberals support implementing a task force to consider strategies for reducing wait times.

Mental Health and Drug Courts

The Alberta Liberals are committed to implementing Mental Health and Drug Courts.

If you want to stop crime you have to tackle the root causes. That is why we need specialized mental health and addictions courts. Addressing the mental health and addictions issues underlying crimes, we can greatly reduce the rate of reoffense in Alberta and keep citizens safe.

End Police Carding

The practice of police carding often reinforces systemic racism in our society and has not been demonstrated to reduce crime. We will end this practice.

Independent Attorney General

Currently, in our system, the Justice Minister is also the Attorney General. The Attorney General must ensure the rule of law is implemented fairly, without fear or favour, and without political interference. That is why we would separate the offices of the Attorney General and the Justice Minister, and the Attorney General would have an independent office and not sit in Cabinet.

Improve Child Custody Enforcement

Alberta Liberals will establish an Access Program Coordinator position within the Justice and Solicitor General ministry to enforce child custody and access orders without the time and expense of having to apply to the Court for relief whenever one parent violates or ignores the terms of a court order.

End Squatters Rights

Liberals will repeal section 74 of the Land Titles Act, which is an antiquated concept that continues to allow individuals to obtain title to and ownership of land through adverse possession (“squatting”).

Anti-SLAPP Legislation

A “strategic lawsuit against public participation” (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to intimidate and put financial pressure on critics until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

Such lawsuits have been made illegal in many jurisdictions on the grounds that they impede freedom of speech. We will pass Anti-SLAPP Legislation in Alberta to put an end to this unethical practice.

Fix the Medical Examiner’s Office

Alberta’s Medical Examiner’s office is broken. It has faced multiple multi-million dollar lawsuits, high staff turnover, and reports of up to 11 month waits for autopsies which have affected our ability to address homicides and the opioid crisis.

Alberta Liberals will fix our broken Medical Examiner’s office and get autopsy wait times down. We will expand access to Medical Examiner’s services and hire a new medical examiner for Northern Alberta.

Family Law Reform

Dealing with Family Law can be an emotionally trying experience. When done wrong, the repercussions can reverberate through lives for years to come. It is critical that we ensure not only just outcomes but mitigate any negativity of the experience.

An Alberta Liberal Government will push for Family Law reforms including but not limited to:

  • Setting date of separation for date of division of property or considering a hybrid date model.
  • Creating an informal family case management system to reduce the need for costly and emotionally-draining trials.

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