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John Roggeveen is a self-employed lawyer with a varied practice, helping people with personal and business legal issues.  He has practised law in Calgary for 31 years.

John has lived in the community of Sundance for 25 years with his wife and three daughters. John believes that the government’s role is to protect the vulnerable and help ensure Albertans have a fair chance to succeed. He feels that Alberta and Albertans need to build on their strengths but also pursue diversification of the economy to make it more resilient and less subject to the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry.

John is concerned about the high costs of education and the debt load that students have to carry as a result.  He knows he has been fortunate to have had access to high quality education at an affordable cost and wants current and future generations to have the same advantages as he’s had.  The prosperity of Alberta and Albertans depends on it.

John also wants to improve Alberta’s election laws, to ensure there is fair representation for all citizens and a strong opposition in the legislature to hold the government accountable. The current system leads to confrontation and antagonism, often with lopsided victories that allow the government to ignore the legitimate concerns of many of its citizens.  Albertans will all be better served by a system that encourages consultation, cooperation and collaboration among its citizens and in its government.


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