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Jennifer Khan is a native Calgarian and graduate of the Haskayne School of Business.  Having lived in Calgary-Buffalo for nearly 13 years, she understands the pulse of the community.  She has also worked in the oil and gas industry since 2003. She is a proud mother of a wonderful little girl.

Jennifer has been involved with educating political and key decision-makers on measurable programs and strategies pertaining to their future planning and how funds can most effectively be allocated. This includes lobbying at the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank. She understands what it takes to get things done; the trim tab of a ship’s rudder can change the direction of the entire ship.

Alberta faces a pivotal time where we must work with industry to support innovation, diversify our economy and face the reality of where we are so we can pragmatically plan for the future.  That pragmatism requires each of us to think outside the box, as we look to our leaders and key industry players to do.  That pragmatism requires us to take accountability to move things forward. That pragmatism requires us to consider reforms and changes we not have previously considered.  We need to make hard choices to truly pivot.  Change can be uncomfortable but is a requirement to grow. The Alberta Liberal platform will make this happen.  Take the time to consider the possibilities of the wholistic plan: eliminate personal income tax, lower corporate tax, tax refunds for low-income Albertans, cover prescription costs, limit class sizes, eliminate dark money from politics.  This can be done with an 8% HST, which will also allow Alberta to generate an extra $1 Billion annually in government revenue from tourism, as a bonus to Albertans. No other political platform has a strategy to fund our growth by leveraging the global community. For the average Albertan, with the elimination of the personal tax and the addition of the HST, the net balance will be positive. Let’s support David Khan and the Alberta Liberals. This is the change we need. #Yeswekhan


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