Alberta’s energy industry is the core of our economy. It has generated prosperity for decades. As the world changes our industry faces both new challenges and new opportunities. The need for oil and gas will remain high for years to come and the world is looking for an ethical and environmentally responsible supplier. Alberta can fulfill that role while simultaneously growing its renewable energy sector. We have the potential to become a major player in both traditional and renewable energy. All we need is a forward-thinking strategy. 

Oil and Gas Development Principles 

The Alberta Liberals believe that responsible, ethical and effective development of our oil and gas resources must be grounded in these 5 principles. 

  1. Support for the Oil and Gas Industry: We recognize the importance of the oil and gas industry to our economy and its vital role in our province’s prosperity.
  2. Reliable and Ethical Supply for the World: The world needs energy suppliers who are environmentally conscious and respect human rights. We believe in expanding Alberta’s market access not just to grow our economy but to displace the demand for conflict oil.
  3. Seizing Opportunity through Leadership: The Alberta Liberals believe that new opportunities are presenting themselves for Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and we can best seize them through strong governance and environmental standards in line with liberal values.
  4. Partnership with Indigenous Peoples: The development of our oil and gas resources must be done in partnership with Indigenous Peoples. They must be thoroughly consulted, treaty obligations must be met, and Indigenous People must have fair opportunities to share in the prosperity we create together. 
  5. Sustainable Development: Alberta must continue to work to ensure the environmental sustainability of our oil and gas sector. We must never sacrifice the long-term health of Alberta’s natural environment and fragile ecosystems or our commitments to fighting climate change. We must continually improve production methods and work toward an environmentally sound oil and gas industry. 

Pipeline Expansion 

The Alberta Liberal party supports expanding market access through pipeline development. Pipelines remain the most environmentally responsible way to transport oil. They are critical to getting the best market value for our product. We also support robust environmental reviews and Indigenous consultation on all pipeline projects. This is necessary to ensure our resources are developed ethically and sustainably. These high standards will also allow us to market our product as a clear ethical alternative to conflict oil

Government Investment 

When it comes to investing in energy projects, be they renewable or traditional, the Alberta Liberals are pragmatic. While we believe in free-market forces we also know there are times when smart government investments can yield large returns for taxpayers, create new jobs and generate prosperity for all. We believe in striking a shrewd balance between making investments while avoiding energy boondoggles like the UCP’s billion-dollar gamble on Keystone XL. There are no easy answers and each investment opportunity needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis where risk and opportunity are equally assed. 

Renewable Energy

Green initiatives such as renewable energy represent an economic opportunity for Alberta. Alternative energy sources like solar, geothermal, and wind can play a vital role in our future. 

They are also critical to the fight against climate change. The Alberta Liberals believe in creating the business and regulatory environment required to allow green initiatives to grow and thrive. We will invest in the research that helps make these projects more efficient and economical. 

Bill C-69

Bill C-69 is deeply flawed and must be amended. The world has changed; today’s international investors demand not only regulatory certainty, but also socially responsible investing. We will seize this opportunity for Alberta and renew investment in our industry. 

Areas that must be amended include: 

  • Depoliticizing approvals
  • Modernizing and improving, not replacing, the National Energy Board
  • Including positive aspects of national and regional growth, prosperity and competitiveness as public interest factors
  • Embracing opportunities for Indigenous economic reconciliation
  • Increasing certainty around timeframes and clock stoppages
  • Introducing innovative approaches to minimize timelines
  • Establishing clear policy in the areas of climate change and Indigenous rights.