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Inderjeet “Indy” Randhawa was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He has received two degrees from the University of Alberta; a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. He also attended the University of Oslo in Norway as part of student exchange. After graduation he spent time teaching in Alberta, and abroad. Indy has lived on three continents and travelled to over thirty countries, but always planned to return to his home in Edmonton. He currently works as part of a public library outreach team, which allows him to work closely with many of Edmonton’s diverse communities, such as; assisted living residences, public schools, and community centres throughout the city.  In his spare time he enjoys photography and playing hockey.

Indy has been passionate about education his entire life, and believes it is the best investment one can make. Alberta’s schools must be safe, inclusive, and effectual. This can be achieved through smaller class sizes, more teachers and educational assistants, and allowing curriculum to be designed by educational professionals, not politicians. Indy strongly believes that moving Alberta forward does not mean leaving anyone behind, and that statistics show a basic income plan is more beneficial to the future of the province than tax breaks for its wealthiest residents. He will advocate for his constituents, rather than blindly following any party doctrine. Indy and the Liberal Party of Alberta trust voters and local decision makers to know what’s best for their own communities.

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