Indigenous policies


Alberta Liberals believe reconciliation with Indigenous peoples must be a sincere and conscious goal present in all aspects of government and society. We will work hard to build a relationship of respect with Indigenous peoples.

Revised Education Curriculum

We will direct, in consultation with Indigenous people and organizations, revisions to the curriculum to accurately explain the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada and the injustices of the residential school system.   

School-Based Immersion Programs

We will provide funding for Indigenous language school immersion programs so more Indigenous Albertans can retain their language heritage.

Regional Indigenous Child Protection Offices

We will fund the start-up of new regional Indigenous child protection offices, to be organized by, gifted to and run by First Nations in Alberta. This bold strategy will help ensure Indigenous children are cared for by their own communities and organizations controlled by them, and stay connected to their communities and way of life.

Incorporate the Gladue Principle for Provincial Offences

The Alberta Liberals will ensure the Gladue Principle applies to Provincial offences and violations of the law. This requires the court to take into account circumstances facing Aboriginal peoples. Where the crime is anything other than severe, the court should consider Aboriginal-based sentencing principles such as restorative justice.

Address Racism in the Justice System

Study and implement solutions to make our justice system fairer, including amending the Jury Act, RSA 2000, c J-3, to make juries more diverse and representative of the community.

First Nation Representation in the Legislature

We will add 6 new seats to the Alberta Legislature for Indigenous Peoples representation 4 for First Nations and 2 for Métis people.

Indigenous peoples are grossly underrepresented in the Legislature and face unique challenges in our society. By creating more indigenous representation in the Legislature we better work towards reconciliation.

Additional Indigenous-Specific Policies:

The Alberta Liberals will:

  • Specifically commit to respect First Nations Treaty rights.
  • Negotiate resource-sharing agreements with First Nations in advance of negotiated Treaty land entitlement agreements.
  • Increase supports for urban Indigenous youth.
  • Implement mandatory training for all civil/public servants—in consultation with First Nations and Indigenous authorities.
  • End to the practice of “carding”—police randomly stopping Indigenous people and people of colour and demanding their I.D., without lawful probable grounds to do so.

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