Alberta Liberals announce plan to improve the classroom environment for students and teachers

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan pledges to reduce class sizes and boost support for true inclusive education.

Khan stated, “An Alberta Liberal Government will scrap class size guidelines in favour of class size caps. We will match this new policy with a necessary boost in funding. Students cannot learn when they are jammed in with 40 other students. Teachers struggle to meet students’ needs under these difficult conditions. We will change that to improve outcomes for both students and teachers.

“The NDP Government failed to reduce classroom size and meet class size guidelines over the past 4 years. The UCP will cut spending and make this difficult learning situation even worse for students and teachers. Class size guidelines have failed Alberta’s students and teachers for two decades.This is an intergenerational problem. It must stop.

“Our plan would see class size caps phased in over time by first targeting grades K-3 where class size reductions are the most effective. We would also introduce new accountability mechanisms to ensure funding meets the reduction goals.”

Khan continued, “We will also boost efforts for true inclusion of special needs students. We will not tolerate seclusion or isolation in the classroom. We will consult with educators to place resources for inclusive education where they are needed to achieve the best outcomes.

“Alberta Liberals will provide more funding for teachers aides to support students with special needs. We will fund the creation of robust IEPs (Individualized Education Plans). We want to create a healthy and rewarding learning experience for all students and teachers.”

Alberta Liberals are committed to improving learning outcomes for all our students and our teachers. Education is a priority for the Alberta Liberals.

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