Human Rights - Platform Preview


No party is more committed to human rights than the Alberta Liberal Party. We believe in the equality, autonomy and worth of every individual. We have led the charge on these issues in the past and we will continue to fight for the freedom and dignity of every human being.

Stronger enforcement of the Alberta Human Rights Act

We will guarantee the non-discrimination in employment through financial and administrative support for those bringing complaints forward under the Alberta Human rights Act

Ban Conversion Therapy

We will work tirelessly to make sure this hateful and medically-reckless practice is banned in Alberta. Instead of deferring a ban on this practice until after the election like the NDP have, we will act immediately, basing initial legislation on that in place in other provinces.

The Right to MAID--Medical Assistance In Dying

We will require all health facilities, including Covenant Health facilities, provide MAID services on site. Individuals have conscience rights, facilities do not. Public health facilities must provide this service to prevent undue suffering for MAID patients and respect their constitutional right to MAID. The NDP has failed to uphold vulnerable Albertans' constitutional rights.


Alberta Liberals were the first party in Alberta to support GSAs and introduce GSA Legislation. We support mandatory GSAs in all schools where they are requested. We fundamentally oppose informing parents that their child has joined a GSA without their consent. 

LGBTQ2S+ History

We will update the Alberta Curriculum with age-appropriate content about the history of LGBTQ2S+ populations in Canada and the world, and their struggles to achieve equality.

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