Alberta Liberals call on the NDP Government to step up on Calgary Safeworks Safe Consumption Site

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following release calling on the Province to address community concerns surrounding the Calgary Safeworks Safe Consumption Site (“SCS”):

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals support the Four Pillars drug strategy: prevention, treatment, harm reduction and enforcement. We understand the importance of safe consumption sites. They save lives. But, there can be unintended consequences that must also be addressed.

“We share the concerns of community residents about public safety around the Calgary Safeworks. Crime rates have spiked dramatically in the area, according to Calgary Police. There has been a staggering 276 per cent increase in drug-related calls to officers. That cannot continue.

“Alberta Liberals are calling on the NDP Government to step up. They must listen to community residents. They must not download these problems and solution costs onto the City of Calgary and local residents. Health Canada’s continued approval of this site is conditional on addressing issues of crime and needle debris in the area.

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Alberta Liberals celebrate Lunar New Year

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann issue the following statement celebrating Lunar New Year.

Khan stated, “On behalf of the Alberta Liberals, I wish all Albertans of Asian heritage a happy Lunar New Year. We hope they enjoy newfound prosperity in the coming year. We honour the families who gather for their traditional reunion dinner to share this joyous event.

Swann stated, “This is the year of the Pig. Pigs are associated with with being realistic, hard-working and enjoying life. These are all traits we share together as Albertans. I hope all those celebrating enjoy the day and the coming year.”

Khan stated, “The year of the Pig also means being financially responsible. We encourage a prudent approach to rebuilding our economy for the benefit of everyone without saddling current and future generations with debt. We support a society that is diverse, inclusive and caring for all Albertans. Let’s use our cultural connections as the foundation to build a better future in Alberta.

Alberta Liberals issue Black History Month Statement

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann released the following statement for Black History Month:

Khan stated, “The black community in Alberta has made a tremendous contribution to our province’s history. Black History Month is an opportunity for all Albertans to share their stories in building this Province.

Alberta Liberals celebrate and honour the black community. We support a tolerant, inclusive, and multicultural Province.

Swann stated, “Black History Month reminds us that our diversity is our strength. We must always fight against pervasive racism, xenophobia and discrimination. The outstanding contributions of black Albertans and Canadians demonstrates that skin colour is never – and should never – be a barrier to greatness.”