Holocaust Remembrance Day

Statement from Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)

“Although I, like all Albertans, am focused on the sad events unfolding in Fort McMurray, I wish to remember, also, that today is Yom Ha-Shoah, the Day of the Holocaust.

“On this day we remember the evil committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis that saw six million Jews brutally murdered solely because of their faith. It is a day for us to reflect and mourn on a horrific and shameful chapter in human history.

“As the Holocaust fades into the past, we risk forgetting the consequences of not being vigilant against hatred in all its forms. As we remember the genocide, we must also remain watchful of systemic violence, persecution, and racism that sadly still threaten our society today.

“Despite the evil happening all around them, there were many during the Holocaust who stood up to persecution and acted to save the lives of their neighbours. We must be mindful of their example, and ready to stand up to ensure that the horrors of the Holocaust never happen again.”


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