Help Not Handcuffs - Addictions Reform

It is time we treat addicts as people with a disease. They have an illness. They are not criminals. 

That is why Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan is calling for the decriminalization of drugs as an essential tactic for reducing the stigma around this disease and giving addicts a better chance to heal and live fulfilling productive lives. 

This is a necessary part of a broader effort needed to battle addiction and needs to be combined with improved mental health and addictions services. 

People are dying every day in Alberta from opioid addiction. We need to change our approach to addictions. 

By signing this petition you can help us save lives.  

Decriminalization is not legalization. Decriminalization means that those with devastating mental illness and addictions are more able to get help and move towards recovery — instead of being thrown into jail. Decriminalization removes the terrible stigma that keeps drug abuse ‘underground’ — hidden and shameful. 

Decriminalization has worked for other jurisdictions and it could work for Alberta too. Over the past 20 years, other countries have shown the punishment of people in distress simply adds to the distress and repeats the vicious cycle of drug use to relieve the psychological and physical pain.

Let's break the cycle.

Sign the petition to increase mental health supports and drug treatment, reform the justice system, and advocate for the decriminalization of the possession of small amounts of all drugs across Canada.

Will you join us in combating addiction and helping people find the help they need? 


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