Happy Calgary Pride!

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann wishes Calgary a happy Pride Festival

“This week has been a colourful one for Calgary. Not only have the leaves begun turning red and yellow for the onset of fall, but the city has been covered in all colours of the rainbow in celebration of the Calgary Pride Festival.

“Although there will be many pride flags around the city this week, the one I am most proud to see is painted on the pavement on Centre Street and 8th Avenue.

“The enthusiasm Calgarians showed towards helping Pride Calgary raise the necessary funds for this project is heartwarming – $4,000 in 24 hours – and shows the incredible strength of the support of the Calgary community for their LGBTQ neighbours, family members, and friends.

“As we have seen just this week, there is still much progress to be made on LGBTQ rights both here in Alberta and around the world. However, there is also much to celebrate, not least a rainbow sidewalk in downtown Calgary.

“On behalf of myself and the Alberta Liberals, I wish you all a happy Pride, and look forward to seeing you in the parade.”


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