Gwyneth Midgley Banff-Kananaskis


Gwyneth Midgley is an environmental activist and community leader with a deep commitment to making life better for all Albertans.

She is the mother of 4 children and has been an Alberta resident for more than 25 years  Gwyneth was born and raised on a farm in Wales and graduated with a Masters Degree in Geography from Cambridge University, England. She is currently the Executive Director of the Alberta Liberal Party.

“Climate Change is a priority issue and the Alberta Liberals have strong sensible solutions to improve outcomes. We will protect 30% of wilderness by 2030. We will safeguard our watersheds. We will put a price on carbon and make polluters pay. We pledge is to eliminate single-use plastics within the next decade.”

Gwyneth believes the Alberta Liberals have the best policies for a sustainable and prosperous future for Alberta.



Phone: 403-975-4777


For media inquiries please contact: 403-612-8796.

Upcoming Events

An Alberta Liberal Party Special Event

- September 30, 2020

Next Gen 5 Virtual Town Hall

- October 07, 2020

Edmonton Regional Meeting Oct 2020

- October 14, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting October 2020

- October 19, 2020