Government reversal on Gay-Straight Alliances a Victory for Safety & Inclusivity

EDMONTON, AB (March 10, 2015): Alberta Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman issued the following statement on the reversal by the Prentice Conservatives on allowing GSAs in all schools where their formation is requested.

“Today’s announcement is a victory for safety & inclusivity, and proof of the value of an effective Liberal opposition."


“Last April with Motion 503, Alberta Liberals began the fight for Gay-Straight Alliances in any school where they are needed. When the PCs voted down that motion it prompted a backlash that they never expected. They underestimated the progressive, and inclusive values that Martha and Henry’s children hold dear.

“We understood those values because they are our values, progressive values. So we brought forward Bill 202, the most comprehensive bill to protect the LGBTQ community that this province has ever seen. While the PCs used cynical political tactics to kill Bill 202 before it ever could be debated, we again saw an inspiring backlash at their regressive alternative, Bill 10.

“Together this inclusive, progressive generation of Albertans – Martha and Henry’s kids – has ensured that schools provide safe spaces for vulnerable children in this province.

“Thank you to every Albertan that refused to tolerate discrimination in this province, your voice mattered.”



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