Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan comments on Patricia Grell blog post on Edmonton Catholic School District.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issued the following statement in response to the blog post by former Edmonton Catholic School District trustee Patricia Grell:

“I want to thank Patricia Grell for both her years of service as an Edmonton District Catholic Board Trustee and for her courage in standing up for issues of democracy, tolerance, and human rights.

In particular, I share her concerns about the discriminatory attitudes towards members of the LGBTQ2S+ community and urge all School Boards to create, adopt and publish their LGBTQ2S+ policies for the public to view. Additionally, I call on the Education Minister to require the immediate implementation of GSA policies by every School Board.

Furthermore, I am concerned by some of the claims of inefficiently spent funds and a dysfunctional governance culture. This is very troubling.

The Alberta Liberals have always championed fiscal responsibility, progressive education policies and fair and accountable government. We will continue to look for ways to improve both the education system and the educational experience of all students.”

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