Graeme Maitland Calgary-Edgemont


Graeme Maitland was born in Calgary and spent his early years growing up in Hawkwood.  He later attended the University of Toronto, the London School of Economics, and got his law degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax. Now he practices civil litigation at a boutique firm in Kensington.

His political involvement started when he joined the Alberta Liberal Party when he was 15 years old and later went on to become the President of the Alberta Young Liberals from 2013-2015.  

Out of Graeme's many political passions, he is a strong advocate for healthcare,democratic reform, and tax reform for a stronger economy. Alberta's healthcare system must be improved for both patients as well as nurses and doctors.  There must be
meaningful democratic reform so that more Albertan's can feel like their vote makes a difference and their voice is heard.  And, through bold tax reform, Alberta's economy can grow while we pay down the debt and keep services to a world-class standard. 

Only the Alberta Liberal Party has put forward a platform that addresses these issues and more and Graeme is proud to stand with David Khan and the rest of the Alberta Liberal team.



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