Government Needs To Put Student Safety First


Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is calling on the government to mark the first day of school by taking steps to improve vaccination rates in Alberta.

“The reality is that Alberta continues to have a worryingly low vaccination rate for many preventable diseases,” says Swann. “There are proactive steps the government should be taking to ensure the public is informed of the risks of not vaccinating their children.”

Swann has long advocated for the government to create a system of mandatory education on vaccinations, requiring those parents who opt out of vaccinating their children to be informed by a doctor of the risks of doing so and to sign a waiver indicating that choice. 

Swann’s proposal was echoed in a recent statement by the Canadian Medical Association and has been advocated by public policy organizations including the C.D. Howe Institute.

“We need to keep in mind this is a basic question of public safety,” says Swann. “There is simply no reason we should be seeing break-outs of preventable diseases like measles or whooping cough. The government needs to get proactive in informing people of the risks and enable parents to protect their children.”



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