Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan unveils Gender Equity Platform

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces his gender equity platform.

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will end gender inequality in Alberta. Our bold plan will close the gender pay gap, combat violence against women and support women’s reproductive rights. We will boost equality of opportunity. Alberta Liberals will make life better for all Alberta women.

“The data is shocking. Edmonton and Calgary have the 25th and 21st largest Gender Gaps of 26 major municipalities in Canada. Alberta has the highest gender pay gap in Canada. Canada has one of the highest pay gaps among developed nations. We will act to end this injustice.

“An Alberta Liberal Government would use Gender-Based Analysis Plus (“GBA+”) budgeting to ensure policies, programs, and funding achieve equality of opportunity.

“We will make pay equity legislation a top priority. Alberta is the only province in Canada without pay equity legislation. We will guarantee non-discrimination in employment with financial and administrative support for Human Rights Act complainants.

“We will combat violence against women. We will  increase funding to women’s shelters to address the 10% increase in shelter crisis calls over the last two years. We will enact Clare’s Law legislation allowing police to disclose criminal records for potentially abusive partners.

“Alberta Liberals will institute mandatory sexual assault, harassment, and consent training for all police officers and judges. We will ensure all officers and judges fully understand these critical issues.

“Alberta Liberals will support women’s reproductive rights. We will make abortion more accessible, particularly in rural areas. We will also provide free birth control for those who do not have access. Access to birth control creates significant savings in healthcare, boosts the economy and improves health outcomes for women.

“The Alberta Liberals will support Trans healthcare needs by funding medical procedures for transgender Albertans. We will end gatekeeping and fully fund hormone treatments.

“Alberta Liberals will take bold action to end the gender gap. We will walk the talk. We will make life better for all Alberta women.”

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