Gender Equality


A just society provides equal opportunity to all citizens, letting them succeed or fail on their own merits. To work towards the promises of equal opportunity, we need to address the inequalities faced by women, trans Albertans, and all marginalized gender identities.  

Pay Equity Legislation

The Alberta Liberals will implement Pay Equity Legislation that requires companies to prove they are paying men and women equally and fine those who are not. Canada has the largest gender pay gap among OECD Nations, and Alberta has the largest gap in Canada. We’re also the only province without pay equity legislation. Our pay equity legislation would address systemic workplace inequalities that “equal work for equal pay” laws do not.

Support for Women’s Shelters

The Alberta Liberals will provide a boost to funding for women’s shelters in Alberta to address the 10% increase in crisis calls to shelters over the last two years. 54% of women who enter shelters face “severe” or “extreme” danger. We must do all we can to protect them.

Gender-Based Analysis Plus (“GBA+”) Budgeting

Alberta Liberals would enact budgets that have a special focus on examining and assessing their impacts on women and minorities, to ensure policies, programs, initiatives, and funding support the goal of equality of opportunity for all.

Subsidized Child Care

We want every parent to have the opportunity to participate in the workforce and be a parent.

Providing subsidized child care improves labour participation for women, injecting billions into our economy annually. When you invest in child care, you invest in women. When you invest in women, you invest in Alberta.

The Alberta Liberal Child Care Plan will:

  • Universally subsidize child care for all Albertans.
  • Means test the system to make it cost-effective and ensure the Albertans who need it the most will pay the least. Families earning $40,000 and under will pay $0 a day, scaling up to $45 a day for high-income families.
  • Create an income-tested Refundable Child Care Tax Credit for low- and middle-income families who have a stay-at-home parent or pursue other child care options.
  • Provide funding to create new child care spaces to address space shortages.

Reproductive Rights

We are committed to making sure all women have full access to abortion. We will make sure the abortion procedures are more easily available in rural communities. We will also fund one cycle of in-vitro fertilization treatment for women and families who have infertility issues and want to start a family. We will provide free birth control to those who need it.

Transgender Supports

We are committed to funding necessary medical procedures for transgender Albertans. This includes eliminating gate-keeping and fully-funding hormone treatments for trans Albertans.

Gender Equality in our Legislature

Women have faced discrimination and barriers when serving as MLAs. Alberta Liberals will ensure there is support for female politicians and their childcare responsibilities and ensure rules and procedures are updated to ensure women can participate as fully as men in our Government.

Mandatory Sexual Assault/Harassment and Consent Training

Most police officers and judges care and want to do the right thing. However, there have been some glaring instances where some have shown they do not understand these issues or the law. Alberta Liberals will institute mandatory sexual assault/ sexual harassment and sexual consent training for all police officers and judges.

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