Fund the Greenline NEXT

Ali Bin Zahid, Alberta Liberal candidate for Calgary-Foothills, welcomes the proposed Calgary NEXT complex, but emphasizes he does not believe taxpayer money should pay for it.  

“It’s a wonderful idea and it would be great to have that site remediated, but unless there is a clear benefit to taxpayers, I don’t believe we should be contributing," said Zahid. 

With the “Green Line” LRT still unfunded by the Province and our provincial debt load increasing, Ali and the Alberta Liberals believe there are too many other priorities.



“What I would like to see is the provincial NDP contribute provincial funding to the “Green Line” which would ease traffic congestion right here in Foothills," said Zahid.

In the 2010 Mayoral election, current NDP Foothills candidate Bob Hawkesworth said the Southeast Portion was a “priority” for the city.[1]

“Does he feel the same about the North Central portion?” questioned Zahid, “especially after Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Brian Mason was unwilling to make any commitments to matching the Federal funds?” 

Alberta Liberals are proud to run a candidate that asks the tough questions needed to put Calgary-Foothills first. 


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