Friday Focus September 24th, 2021

Alberta: leaderless in a crisis.

The federal election wasn’t the most absorbing political news in Alberta this week. That award goes to Jason Kenney fending off a caucus revolt. UCP MLAs are angry about record-low poll numbers, and UCP anti-vaxxers are upset about new restrictions. Kenney is stuck between a rock and a hard place of his own doing, having learned nothing from the second and third waves. Kenney seems safe for now but faces a party leadership review in the spring. 

Usually, the internal politics of the UCP aren’t the most important thing going on in the province, but right now, they matter a whole lot. While Kenney is busy fending off political challenges, he’s creating a vacuum of leadership during a crisis. Thankfully, others are stepping up. Doctors are cracking down on the few anti-vaxxers amongst their ranks. The federal government is preparing to send military aid to Alberta. Educators are doing all they can to keep our children safe, even while the province ignores their pleas for more support and stricter measures

These leaders are here for Albertans while the UCP and Jason Kenney fight amongst themselves. Albertans are paying for their political infighting. They need to smarten up, remember politics is about service, and start to undo some of the damage they have caused.

Under the Radar 

It’s easy to lose sight of some of the less high profile issues right now, so I wanted to highlight two of them here today. First, this week saw Alberta’s child advocate make three new recommendations. These reforms would protect young people from family violence. I’ll be making sure to keep pressure on the UCP to follow through with this. I won’t let them forget about vulnerable families while they focus on their political fortunes. 

The UCP is also raising the rents of nonprofits that operate in government buildings. This action will cost nonprofits tens of thousands a year and undermine their critical work in our community. The UCP is nickel-and-diming NGOs to cover a tiny fraction of the provincial budget issues. This is just plain wrong and not how you build a strong and compassionate society. 

With the fall legislature session on the horizon, I will be hard at work on these and other issues, pushing for a better government in Alberta. 

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