Alberta Liberals announce bold plan for Alberta’s Fiscal Future

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces a bold plan to get Alberta’s finances back on track and grow our economy.


Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals will eliminate personal income taxes for most Albertans. We will lower corporate taxes to stimulate the economy, create jobs and increase wages. We will implement a revenue-neutral sales tax. We will put Alberta’s finances back on track and grow our economy.

“Alberta Liberals will put more cash into the pockets of Albertans. We will help businesses create more jobs. We will provide more stable revenue to better plan our fiscal future and support our public services. We have a smart and effective solution.

“Alberta’s fiscal structure is broken. The NDP and the Conservatives have taken Albertans on a wild ride on the revenue rollercoaster for decades. They have jeopardized our public services. They have put our children's future at risk. This must stop.

“Albertans will pay NO tax on the first $57,250 of personal income. For couples, $114,500 will be tax-free. Almost two-thirds of Albertans will be exempt from personal income tax under our plan. We will cut personal taxes on the rest of Albertans’ income by 1 point across the board. Most households will pay less tax overall! All will pay less income tax. Our bold plan works.

“We will also lower corporate income taxes from 12% to 10%, stimulating significant GDP growth, creating jobs, increasing wages, and diversifying our economy. Taxes on Albertans will not increase. We are simply shifting our tax burden from income taxation to a sales tax.

“Our bold plan will raise nearly a billion dollars a year in additional revenue from out-of-province visitors. It will boost economic growth because reducing personal and corporate taxes encourages hard work and investment. It will give our Alberta Government a less volatile and more resilient revenue stream. Economists tell us it’s the RIGHT strategy.

“It’s time to get off the resource roller coaster. It’s time to be smart about taxation. Our plan will not raise the financial burden on Albertans.

“Alberta Liberals are not afraid to do what is right. We will put Alberta on the path to economic prosperity. We will make life better for all Albertans.”

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