Fair distribution of linear and industrial taxes

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is pleased the NDP has finally adopted the Liberal policy on redistributing the linear and industrial taxes

David Swann is pleased to see the NDP government adopt one of the Alberta Liberals’ long held policies on the redistribution of linear and industrial taxes.

“I’m truly pleased the government has chosen to adopt this policy,” Swann said. “Cities and towns have been hit hard by a shrinking tax base due to the drop in oil prices. They’ve also been forced to dig deep into their budgets to account for the incoming Carbon Tax. This adjustment will provide some much needed revenue.”

For many years the Liberals have been advocating for a change in the way taxes from Alberta’s industrial infrastructure are shared throughout the province.

In 2014 long time Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman introduced Motion 501, urging the government to more fairly distribute linear and industrial taxes. Not a single NDP MLA supported the motion.

More recently, the 2015 election platform stated the Liberals would ‘implement a process for fair and equitable distribution of industrial and linear tax revenue.’

“In short,” Swann added, “the Liberals have been advocating for this vital change long before anyone else was willing to.”



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