Equal Work should get Equal Pay


EDMONTON, AB (April 8, 2015):

Today Liberal Leader David Swann announced Alberta Liberals will propose legislation requiring equal pay for work of equal value. Here is his statement.

“Alberta Liberals are committed to close Alberta’s gender pay gap. Women in Alberta on average still do not earn as much as men.


“According to the Equal Pay Coalition, only Alberta has neither passed pay equity legislation nor developed a pay equity negotiation framework.

“A 2015 report by the Parkland Institute found that women working full time in Alberta only make 68% of what a man makes, compared to 80% in Saskatchewan. Alberta also spends less on child care than seven other provinces.

“The findings of the report include:

o    In Alberta, women’s total average income is only 58% to that of men;

o    Women’s full time, full year earnings in Alberta are 63% to that of men – compared to 80 percent in Saskatchewan and    74% in Ontario;

o    Women average 35 hours per week in unpaid work in Alberta compared to 17.1 hours per week for men

“This is not good enough. It is not good enough for a society that constitutionally guaranteed gender equality 30 years ago. It is not good enough for our granddaughters, or our daughters to be told that their gender is something that will hinder their success.

“There is action that we can, and must, take to ensure equality for women in Alberta. Proper funding for child care, better enforcement of gender discrimination laws, and legislation to ensure equal pay for work of equal value.

“The Alberta Liberals are committed to these goals and will continue to work towards them.”

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Brendon Legault, Press Secretary 

​Albert Liberal Campaign


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