Alberta Liberals announce long-term Environment Protection Policy

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan announces the Alberta Liberal Party’s long-term plan for protecting Alberta’s environment.

Khan stated, “The Alberta Liberals are committed to protecting our precious environment. The ecosystem is connected to all parts of our life. We have the most comprehensive plan of any political party. We are making this a priority issue.

“We have a four-pillar plan for a more environmentally-responsible Alberta. This includes climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, taking care of nature and living sustainably.

“We have a strategy to mitigate climate-change. We will grow renewable energy, adopt a revenue-neutral carbon tax, and implement a voluntary high-polluting vehicle retirement program.

“We will create wildlife corridors, improve urban planning and adequately funding for disaster preparedness. This will help humans and wildlife adapt to the consequences of climate-change.

“We will do more to safeguard nature. We will protect 30% of our natural environments by 2030. We will create more wildlife crossings, enhance protections for at-risk species, and ban clear cutting. Our water protection strategy will address the growing threat to Alberta’s water sheds.

“We will advance sustainable living in Alberta. We eliminate the use of single-use plastics in Alberta by 2030. We will expand electronics recycling. We will include more products and materials under Alberta Recycling Management Authority’s province-wide program.

“The other parties have failed on the environment file during this election. The UCP are dog-whistling climate change deniers. The NDP platform has a superficial and brief section on environment protection. The Alberta Party have ignored the environment this election. Alberta Liberals will do better.

“Alberta Liberals have a comprehensive strategy to protect our environment. We know this issue is important to all Albertans. Let’s work together to safeguard our precious land, air and water.”

You can learn more about the Alberta Liberal environment platform here.

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