Environment - Platform Preview


Environmentalism is about responsibility. It’s about taking a forward-thinking look at what’s best for nature and what’s best for future generations. We need to be willing to make short-term tradeoffs for long-term sustainability.

The Alberta Liberals are serious about environmental protection. Alberta Liberals are not afraid to say it: We are the most environmentally-committed party in Alberta. We will protect our local environments and play a leadership role in the fight against climate change.

Wildlife Protections

The Alberta Liberals will work with conservation non-profits and other stakeholders to strengthen our conservation policies and preserve biodiversity.  

Banning Clear-Cutting

The Alberta Liberals would ban this practice outright, while working with the forestry industry to implement best practices for developing a strong and vibrant sector focused on sustainability and profitability. The practice of clear-cutting is extremely damaging for ecosystems, animal life, flood protection, and tourism.


With China taking in less recycling product, Alberta needs a change to recycling policy, and fast! Alberta Liberals would expand electronics recycling to include small appliances and a host of other electronics that are currently ineligible for the Alberta Recycling Management Authority’s Province-Wide Electronics Recycling Program.

Fighting Climate Change

We must all fight climate change. It is one of the most important issues of our time. We must all change our behaviour. It is not just a responsibility of heavy emitters. Every single ton of carbon we emit into the atmosphere carries a cost to society.

Alberta Liberals will make the carbon tax revenue-neutral. Economists agree that market-based approaches are the most cost-effective tool available to governments to address greenhouse gas emissions. It strikes a balance between protecting our environment and protecting our economy.

We will adopt enhanced rebates for low-income Albertans. That we will also lower income taxes. The amount will be equal to the carbon tax Albertans pay. Our revenue-neutral carbon tax is efficient, equitable and protects the environment.

We will fully inform all Albertans on the progress being made in reducing carbon emissions. 

Protecting our Water Supply and Eastern Slopes

We’re committed to a stronger conservation strategy for our water supplies and the Rocky Mountains eastern slopes. Our entire ecosystem and our own well-being depend on it. Our full strategy will be unveiled during the course of the campaign. 

Addressing Alberta’s $260 billion in unfunded reclamation costs

The Alberta Energy Regulator (“AER”) has estimated the long-term reclamation costs of Alberta’s oil and gas industry to be as high as $260 billion or more. Despite this, the Alberta Government has only collected a mere $1.6 billion from industry to deal with this clean-up liability. That’s about 0.6% of the total bill. The NDP, UCP and Alberta Party blocked our demand for an emergency debate on this crisis in the Fall 2018 session of the Alberta Legislature.

To protect taxpayers, our environment, and our sustainable domestic energy industry, the Alberta Liberals are proposing an “Oil Patch Cleanup Bond” to ensure polluters pay. Additionally, we will put time limits on “suspended wells” to ensure non-producing wells aren’t left unreclaimed for decades and implement publicly-reported and independent reclamation cost evaluations.

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