Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann discuss ending of the Legislature Session

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann have issued the following release on the end of the 2018 Spring Session of the Alberta Legislature:

Swann stated, “The Alberta Liberals provided credible and constructive criticism this session in the Legislature. We worked with and supported the Government on important Bills like 9 (“Abortion Bubble Zone Bill”).

“But, we voted against bad legislation like Bill 12 (“Turn off the Taps Bill”). Alberta Liberals were the only party to stand against this draconian legislation that will harm Albertans and our energy industry.

“On the other hand, the UCP official opposition tried to score cheap political points by dragging out the session. They opposed the Government on nearly every issue without offering a credible alternative vision.”

Khan stated, “We supported the Trans Mountain Pipeline project because it was important for creating jobs and revitalizing the Alberta economy, transporting our energy products to new markets in the safest way.
However, we opposed Bill 12. Cutting off oil to B.C. would be a self-destructive strategy that would create a backlash against Alberta. It did not end protests against the pipeline. It did not help build the TM project.

“Bill 12 was poor political theatre and the Premier admitted that. Bill 12 was a low point for this Government.

“It was Federal Liberal diplomacy and compromise that moved this project forward.

“The NDP are failing on progressive issues. This Government did make positive changes this session with Bill 9. But the NDP fell down on so many other areas.

“AISH is still not indexed to inflation.

“Legal Aid is still underfunded by nearly $60 million.

“The NDP’s childcare program is still not means-tested.

“Alberta is still without pay equity legislation.

“Alberta still has the largest gender pay gap in Canada.

“Alberta still has a $9.1 Billion deficit.

“Alberta still has a projected $96 Billion debt.

“The Spring Session may be over. But the Alberta Liberals will keep on fighting for these important issues.

Alberta Liberals will keep on fighting for all Albertans.”

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