EMS Hotline

The Alberta Liberal Opposition has launched an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Hotline: 1-888-442-4664

The Hotline is to give Albertans and EMS staff a chance to anonymously report concerns with the Provincial EMS system including delays in response times and hours waiting in ER hallways.

We want to hear your concerns about delayed Ambulance responses, ER wait times and other EMS issues.

Sharing your stories can help us try to improve EMS in this province.

Your identity and the information you provide will be protected.  You can remain anonymous.

Or you can choose to leave your name and phone number.

If you prefer to share your experiences in writing you can send a confidential email.

You can contact the EMS Hotline at:

Phone: 1-888-442-4664

Email: [email protected]

Why the EMS Hotline was Started:

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann exposed wasteful mismanagement within EMS earlier this year.

This mismanagement delays EMS response times, impacts patient safety and increases staff overtime. EMS staff worked 135,000 hours overtime. That O.T. cost Alberta taxpayers around $12 million in extra wages in 2016.

AHS data showed that 2 member EMS crews spent 650,000 hours in one year waiting in emergency rooms to transfer patients to attending nurses. The median wait time in Alberta is nearly four times greater than the United Kingdom standard of 15 minutes.

These issues and others are why the Alberta Liberals have launched the EMS Hotline. We want to promote solutions to these and other issues plaguing our EMS systems.

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