Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann wishes Edmonton a happy Pride Festival


EDMONTON, AB (June 3, 2016):

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann issued the following statement in recognition of the beginning of Edmonton’s Pride Festival today:

“On behalf of the Alberta Liberals I want to wish everybody a happy Pride Festival.

“These past few years have given us many things to celebrate. Just a few days ago the Federal Government flew the Pride flag on Parliament Hill for the first time. Last year we added gender, gender identity, and gender expression to the Alberta Human Rights Act, and last month the Federal Justice Minister announced similar additions to the Canadian Criminal Code.


“And, of course, we cannot forget the success of my Liberal colleague Laurie

Blakeman’s bill giving students the right to form Gay-Straight Alliances in their schools. These are all milestones; some are big, some are small, but all are signs that Alberta, and Canada, continues to march forward towards a better future.

“This march is not driven by government alone, however. It is we, as Albertans, that choose what we want our society to look like. Celebrations like the Edmonton Pride Festival show we have chosen a society that is open, inclusive, and accepting; one that reaches out with compassion and friendship to everyone and invites them to join us in working to create a better world.

“So happy Pride! We still have a long ways to go, but I and all Alberta Liberals believe that we can – and will – get there together.”




For more information, contact:

Stephen Binder
Director of Communications
[email protected]


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