Dr. Swann Tackles Mental Health & Addictions

Calgary, AB (May 1, 2015): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann announces a $75.5 million investment in mental health and addictions.

More than 20% of Albertans have experienced a major mental health issue - 75% of them before age 18. “Every family has a loved one who has suffered in silence,” says Swann. “Today’s announcement will help improve the lives of Albertans and their families.”



"Hundreds of thousands of Albertans are suffering in silence from their invisible wounds due to the stigma attached to mental illness," says Swann. "In many cases mental illness goes undiagnosed. Untreated mental illness can lead to family crisis, workplace absenteeism, job loss and/or addictions. At its worst Albertans end up in emergency departments, the criminal justice system, homeless or worse yet committing suicide." 

The financial costs of mental illness to the government's provincial budget and to Alberta businesses are immense - mental illness increases government expenses and leaves businesses with billions of lost productivity.

Alberta Liberals are the only party to seriously address this issue:

  • $20 million. Child Mental Health Plan
  • 10 million. Post-Secondary Mental Health & Addiction Plan
  • $15.5 million. Prison System Mental Health & Addiction Plan
  • $30 million. Community Mental Health & Addiction Plan

This $75.5 million mental health and addictions investment is the most comprehensive plan in this election.  


Brendon Legault








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