Alberta​ ​Liberal​ ​Leader​ ​David​ ​Khan​ ​will​ ​run​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Calgary-Lougheed​ ​by-election

The Alberta Liberal Party is pleased to announce that David Khan is the Liberal candidate in the Calgary-Lougheed by-election.

“I am honoured to represent the Liberal Party in the Calgary-Lougheed by-election and look forward to meeting with voters to hear their concerns,” Khan said.

‘’The Alberta Liberal Party supports economic prosperity, social opportunity and individual freedom, now and in the future.”

“We will build an economy that creates jobs and gives all Albertans an equal opportunity for a better life for them and their families in a tolerant and respectful society that protects human rights and the environment.”

"This is a referendum on the NDP government, which is failing Albertans. Our Liberal opposition will continue to hold them responsible for their poor policies that damage our economy, pile up our debt and drive investment capital from our province.”

 “The UCP and its right-wing, intolerant values are not an option for Albertans. We do not want the clock turned back on social issues like GSAs. Neither do we want to suffer through massive cuts in public services.”

“I look forward to a vigorous campaign that will provide robust debate on the important issues facing all Albertans, and a clear alternative to the NDP and the UCP.”


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