Disturbing changes to elections nomination process

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann has expressed his disappointment that the NDP government used their majority on the Special Ethics and Accountability Committee to ram through expensive and unnecessary amendments to the nomination process. 

Despite there being no evidence of abuse, nor that potential party nominees are being left out of the process, the committee has passed an amendment requiring all party nominees to file financial returns to the Alberta Elections. 

According to Elections Alberta, the cost to taxpayers for this amendment will exceed $1M in the first year and $400,000 every year thereafter.

“This is a naïve and tone deaf attempt at fixing a problem the NDP can’t even show exists,” Swann said. “Going down this road will cost over a million dollars, just to start. Further, increasing paperwork is far more likely to discourage potential nominees from running than it is to attract them.”

“The opposition parties are united in opposing this change,” continued Swann. “That, in itself, is a sign the NDP members need to step back and remember the purpose of this committee is to find common ground on making elections in Alberta more fair and transparent.”



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