Democracy for the People: It's time to Crack Down on PACs

For a democracy to function we need transparency, we need accountability and most of all we need the voices of the people to take centre stage, not big money. That is why today I called upon the government to introduce strict regulations for Political Action Committees (PACs) and put an end to unscrupulous right-wing fundraising. 

Jason Kenney's conservatives set up a PAC called “Unite Alberta” that has apparently raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support his PC leadership campaign. Now, former Progressive Conservative ​President ​Katherine O’Neill is the Executive Director of ​a new PAC called “Alberta Together” to support the creation of a new party for disaffected PCs.

We need bold action to reduce the impact of big money on Alberta politics. Unregulated third-party fundraising and spending are corrupting the democratic process​.

That is why I'm proposing strict regulations, including: 

  • Banning corporate and union donations to PACs
  • Setting donation limits for PACs
  • Making donations to PACs above $250 and PAC expenditures transparent to the public
  • Restricting out-of-province donations to PACs

Alberta has the opportunity to be a national leader in democratic accountability and electoral finance ​reform. This NDP Government should not abdicate its responsibility to ensure our democracy cannot be bought. 

These unregulated groups are doing real harm to our democracy. If you want to support the efforts of the Alberta Liberal Party to fight the corruption of our democracy by big money and hold PACs accountable, then please add your name to this petition.

-David Khan, Leader, Alberta Liberal Party

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