David Swann Proposes New Measures to Help New Canadians

CALGARY, AB (April 18, 2015):

Today Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann announced a five point plan to support new Canadians.

The five point plan is designed to welcome New Canadians with services and supports through settlement agencies such as the Centre for Newcomers in Calgary and Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers.


Problem: Settlement service agencies provide essential services for new Canadians, but lack the resources to adequately meet demand.

Solution: $25 million boost to settlement funding for New Canadians in Alberta.



Problem: To better integrate and interact with the broader community, new Canadians need to be able to speak the language.

Solution: Provide appropriate levels of ESL funding and services. By increasing funding to both traditional and internet/mobile English as a Second Language training, we can help unburden our social services, our teachers, and help newcomers achieve their full potential in the province of Alberta.



Problem: For far too long the goal to increase the recognition of foreign credentials has stalled. 

Solution: Improve the foreign credential review process. The government needs to work with professional groups to create streamlined paths forward so new Albertans can have their training recognized.



Problem: New Canadians need aassistance in identifying and reaching your settlement goals, including bring their family to Alberta.

Solution: Faster pathways to citizenship and jobs skill training. Settlement agencies can assist new Canadians reach their settlement goals.



Problem: New Canadians need resources to receive additional education and work experience they need.


Solution: Career development and job search services are provided by settlement service agencies. With adequate funding, we can help New Canadians get a job they love.


“Alberta is increasingly a destination of choice for newcomers and skilled workers from across the globe,” says Swann. “The provincial government has a responsibility to ease the transition and help families adjust to their new lives here.” 

“These forward thinking proposals are exactly the kind of measures that will make a real difference in the lives of new Canadians,” says Alberta Liberal Calgary-McCall candidate Avinash Khangura. “Alberta Liberals are committed to helping new Canadians and their families attain their full potential.”  

“Liberals have a proud tradition of welcoming newcomers and supporting multiculturalism,” says Swann. “Immigrant families can trust us to help ease their transition to life in Alberta.”



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