David Khan Statement on Kenney - Ford Calgary Rally

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan issues the following statement regarding Jason Kenney’s “rally” this evening in Calgary with Ontario Premier Doug Ford:

“Albertans don't need the Ontario Premier coming here to tell us how to run our province. We have our hands full with an NDP Government that has stumbled from crisis to crisis and is on track to run up the Alberta debt to $100 billion since taking power in 2015.

“If UCP Leader Jason Kenney, also recently returned from many years in Ontario, needs help on how to operate here, then Alberta Liberals will be glad to give him a hand – no charge.


“When you bring in Doug Ford to stand shoulder to shoulder with on stage, as Mr. Kenney is willingly and deliberately doing tonight, you’re really signalling to Albertans that you buy into the whole package – the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks but no thanks. Mr. Kenney has been linking NDP Premier Rachel Notley with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, then attacking them on a variety of issues. Now Mr. Kenney is tying the knot with Doug Ford and “finishing each other’s sentences.” Be careful.

“The NDP’s carbon tax is an easy and convenient target for Conservatives to rally around. But, the Mr. Ford’s Far Right “Ford Nation” has other unsavoury policies in its toolbox. That includes using the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ “notwithstanding clause” to eliminate our Charter rights, running roughshod over local governments, rolling back the sex education curriculum to the 1960s and cutting our health and education systems.

“We know what Jason Kenney and Doug Ford stand against. But, what do they really stand for?

Mr. Kenney is signalling deep cuts to our social programs. This will mean larger classroom sizes, crowded hospital emergency rooms, vulnerable Albertans fending for themselves, opposing GSAs that protect vulnerable youth, and paying only lip service to a diverse, inclusive and tolerant society. That’s not the Alberta that we know and love.

“Alberta Liberals will fight to stop that simplistic, right-wing agenda. It has no place in our modern, forward-thinking province. Alberta Liberals are fiscal responsible and socially progressive. We and to build a province where all Albertans can enjoy a better life. But, not at any price. Thanks for coming out, Mr. Ford. We don’t need advice from an Ontario politician on how to govern our Alberta!”

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